Berstorff ZE25A Extrusion Line (Compounding) 2008

  • Berstorff ZE25A Extrusion Line (Compounding) 2008

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    Berstorff co rotating twin screw Extruder & accessories 2008:
    Model: ZE25A
    Screw diameter: 25mm with interchangeable screw elements
    Flight depth: 4.2mm
    Screw design: SPVC and EVA, alternatives screw designs available on request
    Screw rpm range: 0 1,200
    Drive motor: 29kW tbc
    Torque: 2 x 115Nm
    Length diameter ratio: 27D UTXi Ultra Glide
    Vacuum pump: Plastek R5 LAB
    Centre line height: 1,200mm
    Length: 2,700mm
    Machine weight: 1,300kg
    Capacity: 70 to 100kg/hr depending on material

    Trendelkamp TASD 2-2 discontinuous Screen Changer with start up diverter

    MAAG Extrex EX 28 GP Melt Pump

    Gala LPU MAP 5 Under Water Pelletizing System

    PLC based integrated control system with Touch Screen

    Comprehensive operation and service manuals

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