who we are

  • For over 70 years Telford Smith has bought and sold a huge range of new & used machinery & equipment for plastics processing industries worldwide.


We are pleased to say that we will go ahead with the new Telford Smith Extruder and the additional screw.

This has been a tough decision for us as we have even contemplated winding up the business due to the extremely difficult conditions Australian manufacturers have found themselves in with worse to follow.

We take comfort in the knowledge that CTS/Telford Smith have always stood behind every product we have bought even when it has come at considerable expense.

We also know that you build machines for the toughest manufacturing environments there is and by that I mean by high labor cost, high electricity costs and overall poor international competitiveness. Especially your extruders counter these negatives.

You are welcome to use this letter as a testimonial. We look forward to the arrival of the Telford Smith extruder.

Andrew Odgers, Eco Polymers

Engineering & Project Management

We offer engineering services for complete machinery design, proof of concept and improvements as well as management from design, testing, manufacture, delivery, installation and training.

During the past few years, Telford Smith has designed and manufactured solutions for the following applications:

Hot melt feed system for Pyrolysis system to produce fuel oil from PE agricultural film

  • Throughput: 1,400 kg/hr
  • System comprising:
  • Size reduction equipment - Shredders and Granulators
  • Weigh belt feed system
  • Crammer Feeder
  • 200mm extruder
  • Melt transfer system
  • Electrical control system

Dual strand Extrusion coating line to coat PE foam sleeves

Product used to insulate copper tubes for air conditioners.

System comprising:

  • Range: 50 to 280mm diameter
  • Unwind stations for foam sleeves
  • Extruder and feeding system
  • Extrusion tooling
  • Calibration tanks
  • Gluing station
  • Caterpillar Haul off
  • Travelling Saw
  • Winding stations
  • Electrical control system
  • Video available

Extrusion line to produce natural fibre reinforced planks for shipping pallets

The final product is biodegradable and compostable

System comprising:

  • Size reduction equipment
  • Drying and feeding equipment
  • Single screw Extruder & accessories
  • Melt Pump
  • Extrusion tooling & calibration equipment
  • Caterpillar Haul off
  • Travelling Saw

Hot melt feed system to produce extrusion moulded shipping pallets

Raw material: Mixed plastic film waste from the domestic waste stream

  • Throughput: 700 kg/hr
  • Size reduction equipment
  • Drying and feeding equipment
  • Single screw Extruder
  • Melt delivery system
  • Downstream compression moulding system and robotic handling equipment may be offered on request

Wash plants for the following applications

  • PE pipe scrap Bottles and drums up to 1,000 litres
  • PE agricultural film, flower pots, general rigid plastics
  • PET bottles - suitable for PET fibre production

Size Reduction and Feed System of Car and Truck Tyres for Fuel or Further Grinding

  • Stage 1 Shredder
  • Stage 2 Shredder
  • Metal Separation
  • Granulation
  • Material classifying, sorting and bagging
  • Fibre Separation
  • Feeding and Interconnecting Conveyors
  • Design Process and Layout Schematics