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    Suitable for almost any application with a long history of reliability call Telford Smith Engineering today.

    We have been selling chillers for more than 20 years, so give David or Paul a call and let us help you pick the right model for your application. If we can't help you then we can put you in touch with our refrigeration mechanic for a complete review and assessment of your needs.

    Our Air Cooled Water Chillers are simple, easy to use and completely self contained meaning they have an internal tank and optimised pump for the chiller already.  When it comes to installation you will be glad you chose SHINI regardless of the application. SHINI Chillers are provided with 12 month manufacturers Guarantee and with off the shelf spare parts readily available you can be assured of reliable operation.


    Cooling range 7~35

    Adopts stainless steel made insulated water tank and evaporator.

    Equipped with anti-freeze thermostat.

    All Shini chillers sold into Australia utilise Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A CFC-FREE REFRIGERANT for efficient cooling.

    Refrigeration loop controlled by high and low pressure switches.

    Compressor and pump overload relays.

    Adopts Italian made temperature controller maintains an accuracy of ?1? if opting hot-air bypass valve.

    All adopt imported compressors.

    SIC-W adopts tube-in-shell condenser design for quick heat transfer and excellent heat radiation.

    SIC-A adopts fin condenser design without any need of cooling water for excellent heat transfer and rapid cooling.

    Level meter of water tank is available as an option.

    Low pressure pumps are standard configurations, while middle or high pressure pumps are optionally available.

    Hot-air bypass valve can be opted for with the accuracy of 1.

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