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    ORWAK POWER 3420

    Stronger. Faster. Smarter.

    Orwak Power, a range of really strong, dynamic balers, is fueled by our Black Star Technology – an innovative hydraulic concept providing more strength and greater durability. Orwak Power also features a compact machine design that makes the balers easy to transport and install in locations where the ceiling height is limited. The Power balers are also fast; ready when you are, and they come with several intelligent features to help you keep track of your compaction system and recycling. Material selector and auto start are standard features.

    Why Orwak Power?

    • Powerful compaction of large volumes of waste
    • Low-built design for easy transportation and rich placement opportunities
    • Intelligent features make you stay in control

    PRESS FORCE: 18.5 – 52 ton BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard) up to 200 – 500 kg


    ORWAK POWER 3420

    The 3420 model is a versatile baler for large volumes of cardboard and plastic. It is very fast with a cycle time of only 24 seconds and is equipped with an automatic shutter that goes up in less than 2 seconds.

    Press force: 26 ton

    Bale weight cardboard/plastic: 400 kg/450 kg

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