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  • Baling Machine, Bags | For Flex 5030 & 5031 Compactors

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    Orwak is happy to provide you with high quality bags and straps, which are suitable to and recommended for our balers and waste compactors. The Orwak brand on the bags and on the boxes of all supplies is a symbol of authenticity. The supplies are tested and selected to meet high demands on strong and reliable bags and straps.



    bagsThe 200 l plastic bag for the waste compactors FLEX 5030 & 5031 is flexible and has broad application areas, as it fits both the standard B-drum and the C-drum of our waste compactors. Each bag consists of three layers of resilient and durable polyethylene. For TOM, the automatic waste bin for public spaces, we supply a strong and resilient transparent plastic bag.

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