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    SPV-U series proportional valves mix regrind and new materials in a proper proportion, and then send them back to the moulding machine to achieve a proportional mixing and loading effect. It features  mounted on loaders or mounted on the pipeline. Besides, it is applicable to Euro loaders and has to equip control box to perform when in other situations.


    ``European type`` design, classy appearance, easy installation and operation.

    Unique design of valve body, make material conveying more smoothly.

    The performance of solenoid valve is so stable that the air cylinder acts accurately to ensure a proportional mixing of new and regrind materials.

    There is no need of ordering control box when working with SAL-U series hopper loaders.

    Instant recycling the regrind materials to reduce the production cost.

    Control box is optionally available when performing in other situations.

    Equipped with 1~4 levels working function selection, making material mixing more evenly.

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