Crossheads for Extrusion Machines

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    UNITEK was established in 1979, initially to serve both, the plastic processing and the cable making industry. Already with the first product line of fixed center crossheads, introduced in the early eighties, UNITEK earned a name for high quality products. Close contacts with cable makers and machinery manufacturers all over the world, high standard of research and development in innovative products and their applications, and most modern production facilities for precision and quality, has been the basis of the UNITEK philosophy from the very beginning.

    Product lines include:
    * fixed center crossheads, for single layer extrusion; ensures concentric products right after start-up
    * co-extrusion crossheads for surface colouring and stripe marking; colours only the skin and shortens the time involved in colour change
    * co-extrusion heads for extrusion of up to 4 layers of different polymers
    * automatic bypass systems which involve a hydraulically or pneumatically operated discharge valve for diverting material flow; assists in start-up, colour change, production change or broken wire interruption
    * crossheads for fluoro polymers in fixed center single layer and co-extrusion. These heads are made from UNALLOY™, a registered trade mark of UNITEK, provides exact temperature control throughout the head and careful treatment of the compound
    * automatic colour change systems for all kinds of products, including extremly thin wall automotive wire, to change from one colour to another at full production speed within seconds, without having to stop the extrusion line; no down-time, minimised scrap, highly improved productivity
    * systems for quick product change, based on the head changing principle as well as head-in-head designs; shortens the down-time and brings the line back in operation within a few minutes
    * FFCe Flexible Flat Cable extruded
    * UNICLEAN: tool cleaning system; provides careful and quick cleaning of screws and all other contaminated parts
    * complete package solutions to upgrade any type of extrusion line including complete computerised control systems

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