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    Barrel Heating/Cooling:
    Telford Smith rubber extruders are equipped with specially designed, jacketed barrels as standard. Telford Smith jacketed barrels are of a three - piece design, consisting of an outer and inner layer and a completely separate liner. The liner therefore can be replaced once it has worn out with no need to dismantle the actual water jackets. The jackets are welded and pressure tested to 250PSI, and can handle water or oil.

    Feed Section:
    Telford Smith rubber extruders are available in either hot or cold feed versions

    Hot Feed
    The feed section for the hot feed extruder is a fabricated, jacketed section with a separate liner. The liner is typically undercut and also nitrided. There are many different designs or openings available. These include; round, square, rectangular, centred, tangential.

    Cold Feed
    Telford Smith has, for over 20 years, manufactured an independently driven feed roller for cold feed extruders. This type of roller has a driven shaft via a chain and sprocket arrangement to a geared AC motor. This gives the extruder infinite choices for screw speed Vs feed roll speed. The geared AC motor is typically fitted within the confines of the main base and therefore does not affect the width or length of the extruder. The feed opening is on the side with the hardened feed roller mounted via hinged swing arms. The arms are precision ground flat and are bushed for the roller shafts. This particular design of feed is not jacketed as such; instead a cross-drilling method is employed to provide for a cooling medium. A separate nitrided undercut liner is fitted.

    Cold feed or hot feed with optional screw diameters 1.4", 2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 6". Cold feed with independently driven feed roll. Custom built to your requirements.

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