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    A solid foundation for heavy industrial machinery subject to constant vibration, shock and other related mechanical stress; you need durable machine mounts that offer fixed positioning, level-adjustable installation, and a long service life. Higher industrial efficiency is your goal, let our heavy-duty machine mount series build up a firm foundation for all your precision equipment.
    Our Machine Level Pads are designed to level your machines and reduce vibration and machine wear. They are made of heavy metal support housings incorporating rubber shock absorbing feet.
    Levelling is a simple matter of placing the Machine Level Pads beneath the machine mounting points and levelling the machine by turning the adjusting nuts on each Machine Level Pad up or down until the machine is level.
    The solid rubber feet of the Machine Level Pads that are in contact with the floor give your machine good grip to eliminate machine creep and absorb vibration and machine operating impact shocks. Thereby giving your machine longer life.
    1. Shockproof: Isolates machine-to-floor vibrations to maintain precision settings and reduces mechanical noise levels.
    2. Easy installation: Machines remain perfectly parallel to floor level until you relocate them.
    3. Increases industrial safety: Eliminates accidents caused by machine slippage.

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