Mould Clamping and Coupling Systems

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    Die Clamps are used for holding dies in processing machine platens.
    Forged sprung steel, V slot design with broad range of clamping angles. Offers strongest clamping force of all clamps.
    1. Forged from spring steel in one-time forming, high rigidity, high elasticity, compact volume, light weight, easy installation and space saving.
    2. Movable design for variable clamping angle setting within a broad range. Applicable to thick and irregular shape working pieces.
    3. With computer designed deep U-slot, the clamping force would be strengthened upon vibration. This design achieves the strongest clamping force among all kinds of existing clamps. When the weight given on the clamp is up to 12900Kg, the clamp may depress downward up to 1mm.
    4. Applicable to presses, plastic injection moulding machines, honing and milling machines, hydraulic and general machine tools.

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