Screw Elements for Extrusion Machines

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    C.A.PICARD are renowned for their state of the art Kneading and Screw Elements, Barrels and Liners for leading manufacturers of Twin Screw Extruders including:
    APV, Baker Perkins, Berstorff, Clextral, Ikegai, Japan Steelwork, Leistritz, Maris, Theysohn, Toshiba,
    Welding Engineers, Werner and Pfleiderer, and more.
    C.A.PICARD products are extremely resistant against corrosion and abrasion while their hardness and processing methods guarantee you a quality standard that cannot be surpassed.
    Top quality is the only thing that counts!
    Quality products available from C.A.PICARD:
    * Kneading blocks
    * Screw elements
    * Barrel sections
    * Replaceable barrel liners
    It’s not only hardness that makes us strong. The responsibility we take for your minimum downtime is reflected by our performance in manufacturing your precision parts using renowned high-quality material. Each incoming part is metallurgically checked and cleared. C.A.PICARD offer various nitralloy and high-grade steels, fully through-hardened as well as highly durable PM-composite materials. Our portfolio offers the right materials combination for each and every demand.
    Our solutions are as specific as your wear problem! Wear in extruder technology is as diverse as the products that are manufactured with extruder screws. No matter what your individual demands, our decades of practical experience from very specific wear know-how, combined with well-established, competent consulting services, assist you in the selection of parts and material combinations.

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