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    Quality thermoplastic sheet production demands the most uniform extruder output. Wide ranges of sheet-variants of the highest quality standards are produced on Telford Smith extrusion lines. These include flat, embossed, corrugated, profiled, mono or multi-layer for differing materials from basic styrene's, ABS and BDS (K-Resin) polymers to APET, CPET and polycarbonates. 
    Co-extrusion with any number of extruders can be used to produce the composite structure essential to certain sheet applications. These include flute board, architectural construction elements, automotive door liners, non-food and food packaging. Because of the hygienic and processing advantages the use of thermoformed sheets for packaging continues to increase in the food and beverage industries. Another reason is the better in-use properties they guarantee such as superior environmental stress crack resistance, low odor and taint characteristics and excellent barrier properties.
    End products include containers for drink, yoghurt, ice cream, fish, meat and quick meal packs. Telford Smith extruders are designed and built to match your sheet output requirements and obtain optimum gauge uniformity for manufacturing mono or multi-layer vacuum forming stock sheets. Telford Smith extruders can be attached for in-line production to gain more economical rates and stay competitive.

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