Screen Changing Equipment

  • , Screen Changers | Manual

    Manual Screen Changers. These screen changers are designed using finite element modeling, allowing leak proof operation up to 10,000 psi - guaranteed! Designed and manufactured by Dynisco in the US, these screen changers feature a patented pressure a...
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  • , Screen Changers | Hydraulic

    The Dynisco Extrusion EH screen changer is guaranteed to provide leak-free operation up to 10,000 PSI! Its bolt through extruder connection offers better sealing, improved reliability and easier installation. The Dynisco Extrusion screen changer inco...
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  • , Screen Changers

    The Dynisco EC is a patented, fully integrated continuous flow screen changer system. Screen changes are made at full production conditions without melt flow interruptions and are initiated by operator input. When utilized in conjunction with a Dynis...
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